Curriculum Strength and Advanced Testing: Do They Matter?

we happened to be chatting with a mom of a student that is prospective. She mentioned questions about our assessment of rigor and AP/IB/SAT topic tests. These questions have recently appear more frequently and so I thought it might be suitable to address it in a web log. Perhaps it is because AP tests are coming up quickly and pupils are beginning to question if it’s worth it to just take the tests.

First, let’s address rigor. The inquiry that is overall to essentially boil down to the:

Are admission counselors capable objectively and fairly evaluate the curriculum power of every student?

In an expressed word, YES. At USC, we now have among the greatest, if maybe not the largest admission staff of any personal university in the nation. Each user is assigned up to a domestic or region that is international or both. We take pride in caring for our territories. Relationships are forged and maintained with high school counselors, parents and prospective pupils. The aim is to have comprehensive and detail by detail understanding of our territory. We are mindful of exactly what a competitive application looks like within its proper context. Finally, it is possible to give consideration to us as context specialists. Context is specially crucial in our process. We realize that rigor looks vastly various and unique for every school. Use of scholastic and extracurricular tasks in each school that is high town, and region will vary.

It is got by me…rigor and context are crucial. Is reasonable. So now that I’ve taken all these advanced level courses, is it actually worth every penny to take the tests?

In another word, well the exact same word, YES. You have place in so work that is much the advanced level product all 12 months. Why maybe not simply just take the test?! There are some other benefits that are potential the apparent economic savings you could have if you had been to pass these tests. In essence, you could become freeing some units to simply just take in another minor or a dual major. Trust in me, if you put in the work now, the huge benefits will outweigh the expense a lot more.

Generally, then you will be able to transfer some credits into USC if you receive at least a 4 on any AP exam, or at least a 5 on any Higher Level IB Exam. To find out more, please go directly to the USC Articulation internet site.

Finally, SAT topic Tests, what about those? Well, in a nutshell, they have been not essential to submit an application for just about any undergraduate program at USC. But, then go ahead and submit those scores to us if you happen to be taking them for another school and you receive a great score. We shall certainly give them a look.

Good luck on everyone else using the AP and IB exams coming. I wish this provides some of you a bit that is little motivation!

Mission Accomplished!

Moments ago, we bid adieu to a vehicle full of admission choices. Today they are officially mailed! Therefore exciting! To keep with your USC Admission Blog tradition, Dean of Admission Tim Brunold was type sufficient to publish a guest web log again this year. Read more as he reflects over the file review season and offers some data about our recently admitted first-year class.


Not merely did we get record numbers—more than 51,700 candidates for the freshman class—but our admission committee enjoyed getting to understand the finest, most group that is interesting of it offers ever endured the privilege of reading.

Thanks for keeping us over this past year. We’ve needed and used every minute that is single our deadlines passed to pick this course. A lot more than 20,000 staff hours (the same as 10 years of full-time work for one individual) have already been spent reading, assessing and talking about candidates. In reality, we finalized the final of our decisions more or less eight hours ago.

Choosing students is parts that are equal and science. While we have always been confident that the team only at USC has made top decisions possible, we have always been sure that not everybody will trust our judgment. Although we are thrilled to possess identified the many impressive admitted course in USC’s 134-year history, we’re additionally dismayed that many incredible students had been turned away; there just wasn’t enough space. None of us takes joy or pride in this section of our work. We are, however, significantly consoled by the proven fact that our applicants have actually myriad choices for higher education. Past experience shows us that everybody will find an accepted place that’s right for them.



Now on for some factual statements about this fall’s admitted freshman class:

• 51,700 first-year applicants
• 17.8% admission rate
• 3,150 different high schools represented from all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and 80 other countries
• 44% from California
• Outside California, many represented states are Texas, New York, Illinois, Washington, Florida and brand New Jersey
• 17% are worldwide pupils. Probably the most represented places of origin are China, South Korea, India, Canada and Taiwan
• 1-in-8 is the first within their family to attend college
• 65% are African US, Latino, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander or multi-ethnic
• The typical un-weighted GPA, for a 4-point scale, is 3.82.
• 28% of admits have perfect un-weighted GPAs of 4.0
• 47% enrolled in 8 or even more AP courses
• 75% had standardized test ratings into the percentile that is 95th higher. More than 3,300 had standardized test scores in the 99th percentile.


Just what exactly’s next?

in the event that you have applied for school funding, you are going to be hearing about this quickly. Our company is dedicated to getting this given information for your requirements quickly, since just 35 days remain until such time you must agree to sign up.

We shall be hosting forty-eight(!) events for admitted students, both on- and off-campus, over the month that is next. We certain would prefer to fulfill as numerous students and parents as possible. Check your admission packet or our website for further details we are going to be waiting for you personally. And when you have not yet visited campus, now’s the time to do therefore.

Several years have actually passed away since we aided to recruit my class that is first of pupils. a great deal has changed here since 1989, but one thing has remained constant: the deep pride that our pupils, faculty, staff and alumni have to be members regarding the Trojan Family.

Thanks for reading and FIGHT ON!

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